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                                                       August 14, 2012

Certified Senior Guidance Association endorses the team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for President and Vice President in the upcoming Presidential election.

President Obama and Vice President Biden are men of courage and integrity; however, it’s time for a change of direction in matters of special concern to senior citizens such as Medicare, Social Security, and the financial strength of our beloved country.

There are two distinct areas where CSGA believes the Republican challengers offer the better choice this election.

First is balancing the budget and instituting ways to enhance entitlements that would provide both the recipient and the country a comprehensive and fair program.  The current Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid programs are disasters, both now, and for the future.  Under the Obama administration and the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) almost every party is dissatisfied.  Other than removing almost $700 Billion from Medicare and directing it to Obamacare, nothing has changed, with the exception that more and more doctors are declining Medicare and Medicaid patients while an appointed group of bureaucrats will decide which medical procedures will be reimbursed.  As an advocate for Senior Citizens, CGSA must recommend against the Democratic Platform.

The Republican candidates have a wealth of knowledge in private sector, executive, legislative, and budget considerations.  While the Democrats maintain a voucher system offered to seniors would destroy Medicare (remember, those seniors 55 and over will still have the option to remain in Medicare as it is today), it actually provides a roadmap to SAVE Medicare and provide self directed and affordable medical insurance replacing the ‘one size fits all’ that is driving America into bankruptcy. 

Secondly; the Romney/Ryan ticket has the experience to restart our economy and bring meaningful jobs for our fellow Americans, our children and our grandchildren!  Are we really going be the generation that doesn’t bequeath a proud country, a vibrant economy with meaningful jobs, and a tradition that has made the USA the greatest and most envied country in the world?

CSGA is not suggesting senior’s vote AGAINST President Obama; rather, that we vote FOR a solution to the current malaise (one must remember when the President attacks congress for inaction, one half <the Senate> is Democrat Party led!).

President Obama said it best: We Need Change!

Fred H. Claridge,
Director, CSGA.  

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  1. Our Senior Advocacy Group could not disagree more with this endorsement. The Romney/Ryan team would be devastating to seniors. If you are open-minded rad our opinion:
    Robert Fassbach, editor