Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are We There Yet?

                                            HERE WE GO AGAIN!

We seniors must demand our rights...not 'entitlements/benevolent giveaways'...but what has been contracted between our United States government and us.  Programs such as Social Security and Medicare have been funded primarily through our contributions and are now reliant upon 'taxes' imposed on the younger generations.  Whether it's the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or Paul Ryan's proposed medical insurance programs, we must flex our financial muscle and numerical populous to make sure we're not left in the dust (literally). 
Certified Senior Guidance Association seeks to provide insights suggested by it's independent board comprised of Doctors, Medical Providers, Financial Advisers, and NGOs representing our best interests above those of politicians and self aggrandizing organizations. We are NOT in the pocket of any GROUP. 
Your imput is always welcome...not arguments...but positive ideas, suggestions about ways to make our Senior years fulfilling, safe, and "the best years of our life"!

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